The WEEKEND is near… hang in there!

…and while quite a few of us might be doing some work, be sure to make at least some room for yourself and give yourself some quality time! 🙂


I admit, I am a bit excited about this…

This post today does have something do to with writing – in so far, as I have written the lyrics (and co-wrote the music) to “Together”, a song that was originally published 2004 as the official anthem of the “Volleyball Championships for the Disabled 2004” in Germany.

This is a remix and the first video my new Youtube channel as well as for my very own and very new Patreon channel.

TedTalk: “How YouTube thinks about copyright” (German and other subtitles available/bei Bedarf mit deutschen Untertiteln)

I used to edit YouTube videos (especially during the Tube’s pre-Google era and mainly about darling Jeremy Brett). Every now and then I would get a notification about problems regarding the copyright of the music I used for the background…
Nowadays the copyright question is once more of special interest to me, though this time around it is regarding my plans for promoting my work as a writer as well as singer via YouTube videos.
Yeah, marketing yourself/your work online seems to be of an ever increasing importance for people like me/us, and often this does indeed include YouTube (or Vimeo or Dailymotion etc.). The more important to get a bit educated regarding actual copyright regulations, right?
(For my German language readers: Für das Video könnt Ihr Untertitel in diversen Sprachen einstellen, u.a. auch in Deutsch.)

Happy Birthday, Jeremy Brett!

One of the greatest “Sherlock Holmes”-actors (and certainly my favorite “classic” Holmes) – and such a wonderful human being. Today would have been his 81st birthday.

So, here are two Jeremy tribute vids I compiled back in the olden days.

Once again: Happy Birthday, Jeremy! And since, incidently, it would have been his late wife’s birthday as well: Happy Birthday, Joan!

Steven Moffat talks about Sherlock and John: “A lifelong Partnership”…

… which is (I assume not only in my books) good news regarding the possible longevity of the “Sherlock” (BBC) Series.

“These are still the formative years of Sherlock Holmes, [the] important thing about the series is (…) that those two men are still young and are still at the beginning of  what they don’t yet know is gonna be a lifelong partnership.” (Steven Moffat, starting about 18:18 in the video)

I do consider it good news, especially regarding the famous three teaser words “Rat”, “Wedding” and “Bow”, that have been given to us by the makers of “Sherlock” as an outlook onto the yet to come third season. Especially the third word “bow” seems to be hinting at “The Last Bow” of Sherlock Holmes in the Canon and thus a conclusion of the BBC series. And WHO WANTS THAT????

So, when the creators of this particular “Sherlock” consider Sherlock and John “still at the beginning” during Season Two… then I don’t assume they are planning to be done with them any time soon… What say you?

Doctor … Who???

(Please have a look at the English version at the end of the text.)


Bisher bin ich (anglophil hin oder her) “Dr Who” fandomtechnisch immer mehr oder weniger erfolgreich “ausgewichen”… aber langsam werde ich weich! Nachdem ich gerade erst ein Faible für “Torchwood” entwickelt habe (d.h. für Staffeln 1-2… bin ein Jack/Ianto-Shipper…ahem), wurde ich aber nun doch zwangsläufig auf “The Doctor” aufmerksam, zumal ich gerade für meinen neuen Roman Recherche über Zeitreisen betreibe. Na ja, einen Grund, um bei Youtube & Kollegen vorbeizuschauen,  findet man immer.

Jedenfalls dürfte dieses neue Interesse den Großteil meiner Freunde und Bekannten meinungstechnisch in drei Lager spalten:

1. Super, ein neuer Whovian!
2. Ach du Sch… jetzt fängt du AUCH mit dem Quatsch an!


3. Wer ist Dr. Who? (neuer Zahnarzt vielleicht???)

In diesem Sinne: Timey-wimey allerseits!


So far I have managed to avoid most of “Dr Who” quite successfully – fandom wise, I mean. And yet – I am about to give in. Since I have just established a thing for “Torchwood” (only season 1-2 though… am a Jack/Ianto-Shipper… ahem) it was only a question of time re. being confronted with “The Doctor” (and, yeah, I guess I am the David Tennant type). Well, after all I am currently researching for a new novel which will be amout the issue of time travels. And of course I can ALWAYS find excuses for rummaging Youtube & the likes! 🙂

The new interest of mine is likely to divide my friends and acquaintances into three parties:

1. Great! A new Whovian!

2. O sh*t! Now you’re starting with this, too???


3. Who is Dr Who? (new dentist, perhaps ??)

Anyway: Timey-wimey allerseits!