The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

Can you spare five minutes?

Great! Five minutes a day, that is what this exercise requires. Five minutes to help you with your writing. To help developing new ideas. To jot down a fleeting thought that someday might grow to become a plot. To help overcoming the menacing … (*whispers*) Writer’s Block.

Most of us writers juggling our “regular” job that pays the rent, our family life AND our writing know the problem of finding the time to do some decent (amount of) writing. And even if we find the time … well, all of a sudden we find ourselves sitting there and our mind seems to be… just blank!

Anyway. I am sure WE ALL have five minutes a day to devote to the task, don’t you agree?

So, grab your keyboard or your pen and paper and check the time on your watch.

And then …



If you have a special topic to write about, fine. If not … just do some brainstorming. No matter what. If you don’t know what to write, write about how difficult it is to find something to write. Or describe what you see in front of you. Or how wonderful it would be to have your very own bestseller. Or how much you HATE Writer’s Block.

There. Your five minutes are over. If you are now in the mood to write some more – the better. If not, no problem. Do it again the next day. Do it daily. You will develop your very own writing journal this way. You will get used to the task. You might even find out that you actually can write some amount in only five minutes. And in between, you might get some new ideas. Or perhaps two or three lines of that dialogue you need for your novel. Set your mind on working temperature and then … let it flow!