Image-based Social Media: What is the Difference between Pinterest and Instagram?

When it comes to the finer points of social media and how to use it best for the promotion of one’s business… well, it can be a real jungle out there.

For example, I have been thinking for the longest time that pinterest and instagram was not something I might actively participate in, since I usually rely more on words and creating pictures or not my forte.

But, as they say “a picture says more than a thousand words” – and if you combine your picture with a few well-chosen words, picture-based social media can be a powerful promotion tool (as not only the advertising industry knows).

So, what is the difference between Pinterest and Instagram – beyond both being more (or less) picture-based?

The following post might give a good overview:


What’s the Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram? And 9 More Instagram FAQs

And by the way: I am just starting out on Pinterest!

(…heading over to Google+ now…)


Find (and like :)) me on Facebook…

Just today I commented on a Linkedin discussion (btw.: this is me on Linkedin) regarding writing being where art meets business and that writers might profit from getting into a form of entrepreneurial spirit.

That said… I gave in today and created My Very Own Facebook Page.





I still refuse to do something about Google+, though… but it seems I am not to be trusted anymore re. shamelessly promoting myself…

Successful Self-Marketing on the Internet is like naming a Whale… err… or something

If you are a writer/blogger you probably want to make your voice heard – or rather have your words read… which is basically a no-brainer. The internet can be a great way to work on that (well, at least for the bloggers among us that venue is rather self-explanatory). Chances are we all want to enhance our reputation, get more traffic on our websites and occasionally even become rich and/or famous (cue for songs somewhere in the range of “All I have to do is dream”, “If I was a rich man”, “Nice work if you can get it” or “You can get it if you really want” and “Work B*tch”).

In other words: Self-marketing and Public Relations are important tools if we want to get readers, sell our books, find new clients, get our names out there.

Featured image

So, how DOES one get ahead in the virtual world? Successful blogging is certainly at least a part of the answer… which is one of the reasons why I keep posting my findings regarding this particular topic. There is more to keep in mind, though, so I went to one of my favorite go-to places on the www. (GIVE ME A T… GIVE ME AN E… GIVE ME A D!!!!) and found a bit of inspiration. It has something to do with the concerted efforts of reddit users to name a certain humpback whale “Mister Splashy Pants”… well, sort of:

In this particular TED talk, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit explains his version of “how to make a splash in social media”.