“Would a Publisher be interested in the Subject of my Manuscript?” Well, let’s have a look …

If one works as a ghostwriter or writing mentor (like yours truly), you often get to hear a question – something along the lines of: “I want to tell a story/write about [insert writing topic here] – but would a publisher be interested in that? And if yes: Which publisher?”

Writer's Mentor

Sure, that’s a totally legitimate question! And since paying a ghostwriter (me! ME! MEEE!) is an investment, such a question does make sense (even though nowadays many authors decide to take the selfpublishing route anyway). But when it comes to answering it, the ghostwriter of your choice is not necessarily the go-to-guy (or gal). The ghostwriter might have experience when it comes to writing in the genre of your choice – but they are usually neither market researcher nor literary agents.

But here’s the thing you can easily do yourself, with just a few minutes online – and yes, this works for creative writing, as well as non-fiction writing: Continue reading