On a beautiful day they would walk in the park

Where the music was playing until after dark.

And the people would come there to laugh and to dance

And the violins would play there for fun and romance.

A couple is walking and crossing the lawn

And he’s taking her hand for a dance in the dawn.

There is nobody else and no orchestra there

But he’s humming a tune, and it’s filling the air.

Now the days have gone by, and the times, they have changed.

There are lovely people, but to me, they are strange.

They are happy and lively, enjoying the sun.

And the bandstand’s still there, there is laughter and fun…

~ ~ ~




Speaking of London…

Speaking of London…

“Sherlock” (BBC) lovers surely remember the London A-Z Guide  that plays such an important role


tiny SPOILER alert here




in “The Blind Banker”.


(The shown editions from the link above might vary from the book version used on the show.)

Well, it turns out, they meanwhile also have a version of it for Kindle:

London A-Z









…which has just gone straight to my wishlist. I love e-books, because I prefer to travel light. I have not read it yet, therefore I cannot say much else about it (so far)…

…though I do intend to include book reviews here in the nearer future.

Anyway, above you can find the Amazon link – and yes, this time it IS an affiliate link. So, if you decide to buy the book via this link, it won’t cost you more… but it (*coughs*) might help to keep this blog afloat…