Another Sherlock-Holmes Anthology …

The Practical Handbook of Bee Culture

… has published one of my short stories, so I am very happy to announce that “In good Hands” can now be read as part of the current “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture“. The Handbook (which is not REALLY about bees!) is a publication of the “Retired Beekeepers of Sussex”, a Sherlock-Holmes group based in the UK, and can be purchased as a softcover edition or downloaded as a PDF-version for free. Happy reading! 🙂



Coming Home (a Sherlock Holmes Short Story)

[Creative Writing – a Sherlock Holmes short story]

I have been neglecting my own writing – at least when it comes to the area of creative writing – for quite a while, being too busy with the commissioned writing for my clients. So, in order to get back into that particular saddle again, I have dug this up from my archives – a short story, one of the first I have ever written in (my non-native language) English. That as such was – and still is – a challenge in itself. The second challenge was trying to find the right tone, since the original Sherlock Holmes stories are a product of the Victorian and later Edwardian times.

I could of course claim that I wrote it for the sake of these relatively technical challenges – but I guess I mainly did it in order to entertain my inner nerd. 🙂 

So, this is my take on one of my favorite ACD stories (The Empty House) and what might have happened afterwards…


Coming home

All of a sudden I am wide awake… panting… sweating. I keep having those disturbing dreams, almost got used to them during the last three years without my friend, but full of doubts, loneliness and fear.

The night is pitch black, and it takes an eternity to adjust my eyes better to the darkness and to realize where I am: This, at last, is Baker Street! I am home!

Utterly relieved I try to steady my breathing and fumble for some matches to light a candle. It is only now that I notice I am not lying in my bed, but on the couch in the sitting room, where I must have eventually dozed off, after sitting up with my dear, sorely missed Watson for hours. Continue reading