TedTalk: “How YouTube thinks about copyright” (German and other subtitles available/bei Bedarf mit deutschen Untertiteln)

I used to edit YouTube videos (especially during the Tube’s pre-Google era and mainly about darling Jeremy Brett). Every now and then I would get a notification about problems regarding the copyright of the music I used for the background…
Nowadays the copyright question is once more of special interest to me, though this time around it is regarding my plans for promoting my work as a writer as well as singer via YouTube videos.
Yeah, marketing yourself/your work online seems to be of an ever increasing importance for people like me/us, and often this does indeed include YouTube (or Vimeo or Dailymotion etc.). The more important to get a bit educated regarding actual copyright regulations, right?
(For my German language readers: Für das Video könnt Ihr Untertitel in diversen Sprachen einstellen, u.a. auch in Deutsch.)

Copyright, Public Domain, and the Wild Wild Web (an article by Moira Allen)

If you read German, too, you might have seen yesterday’s post about recommendable newsletters for writers (here resp. at suite101). One of my recommendations was/is the website and the relating newsletter www.writing-world.com – and here is one of the reasons why: Let me direct you to this great article by Moira Allen of “Writing World” about various copyright questions:

Copyright, Public Domain, and the Wild Wild Web

You might want to keep in mind that this is an American website and that German law in general is not necessarily the same as in the US – but it might give you some information and food for thought. Enjoy!