How to get a little Writing Kick: Your Link Collections!

There’s a potential little #writingsinspiration waiting for you – right there in your browser’s bookmarks!

We surf the Internet, wie find interesting sites (blog posts, articles, tutorials). We bookmark them … and bookmark another one … and bookmark something more. That DOES accumulate in time! So when you look for a little inspiration regarding what to write about: Go and check out your link collection – and while at it, why not take a little time to also organize those links?

I? Well, among other things, checking and organizing my own links inspired me to write this post. And that’s just the beginning. 🙂

Writer's Mentor

So – give it a try.

Happy Writing!

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Die Wächter des Abendlandes können sie mal…

…oder so etwas in der Art.

Zuerst einmal “Glückwunsch!”, liebe Autorin.

Diese besagte Autorin, die Romane im Selfpublishing veröffentlicht (was ja nicht PER SE als Zeichen mangelnder Qualität angesehen werden MUSS), hat jüngst einen Blogartikel veröffentlicht, in welchem sie sich schlichtweg “weigert”:  Sie ist “dagegen”, das Vorhandensein eines (huch, auch noch BEZAHLTEN?) Lektorates als Merkmal für die Qualität eines Buches anzusehen. Die Notwendigkeit solch eines “TÜVs” für Bücher (den sie mit einer “Zensur” vergleicht) sieht sie betonterweise nicht.

Dieser Blogartikel erhitzt nun die Gemüter sowohl auf der Pro- (Pro-Lektorat, nicht Pro-Zensur, wohlgemerkt) als auch auf der Contra-Seite, und somit ist der Name der Autorin in aller vieler Munde. Wie sie selbst auf Social Media anführt, hat sie inzwischen eine Reihe neuer “Anfragen” erhalten.

Also: Glückwunsch!

Diversen Punkten ihrer Argumentation kann ich sogar zustimmen: Continue reading

Susa’s Lounge goes “Susa Wagner”

Dear all, this blog will shortly be renamed into … *tadaaaa!*…


Having more or less fancy names for one’s blog does make sense under certain circumstances, for example if they are dedicated to a certain topic or if one wishes to not have their name displayed. But as a writer your aim is (or should be?) to promote (and therefore DISPLAY) your brand – and in general that’s your name (or pseudonym).

Well, my name is “Susanne Wagner” or rather “Susa Wagner”… so here we go…

Building Character(s): A Writing Exercise

This is a great exercise! It is actually one of the main and recurring themes that keeps coming up when I do ghostwriting resp. get hired to overhaul someone’s story: Most of the time I do not consider the characters convincing… they seem too one-dimensional and I don’t “get” their motivation. I will keep these suggestions in mind and certainly do recommend to give them a try! 🙂

Romance Language

Submitted for your consideration, this is an exercise I created for a creative writing workshop I taught a few years ago. Characters are, of course, central to successful, engaging fiction. But these questions might also help for any kind of profile, biography, autobiography, or even for an imaginary profile of a target audience in a marketing/advertising.

You can even think of much science writing as character driven, although in the case of science, the character usually isn’t a person. It’s an organism, a chemical composition, a physical force, a procedure, a device, or some other phenomenon. As with a character, the subject of the scientist’s writing poses some problem—or seems to; it helps us see or understand something, but not necessarily as we expected (otherwise, what would make it worth writing about?).

When I develop of character, I think of three areas: The character’s background, the character’s present external manifestation…

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Why Good Writing Begins and Ends in Poetry

What does the fabric consist of that makes a good writer? I daresay, one ingredient is the love of language. Having said that, I really like this article and the way the writer defines (and finds) poetry…

Romance Language

About 15 years ago, as I worked on the final stages of my dissertation, I often got stuck (as people working on dissertations tend to). Sometimes days would pass without my producing anything. But eventually, I would remember my foolproof method for getting unstuck: reading and writing poetry.

Let me note for clarification that poetry had nothing to do with my dissertation subject. I wrote a very social-sciency study of students in a freshman composition class. From a semester of observing, reading papers, and interviewing students, I crafted a set of case studies trying to explain why some of the students gained more than others. My final product reads way more like anthropology than it does like Nikki Giovanni.

Nevertheless, I turned to poetry while I wrote, as I have turned to it many times before and since. And wherever I see brilliance in writing, I find elements of the…

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Successful Self-Marketing on the Internet is like naming a Whale… err… or something

If you are a writer/blogger you probably want to make your voice heard – or rather have your words read… which is basically a no-brainer. The internet can be a great way to work on that (well, at least for the bloggers among us that venue is rather self-explanatory). Chances are we all want to enhance our reputation, get more traffic on our websites and occasionally even become rich and/or famous (cue for songs somewhere in the range of “All I have to do is dream”, “If I was a rich man”, “Nice work if you can get it” or “You can get it if you really want” and “Work B*tch”).

In other words: Self-marketing and Public Relations are important tools if we want to get readers, sell our books, find new clients, get our names out there.

Featured image

So, how DOES one get ahead in the virtual world? Successful blogging is certainly at least a part of the answer… which is one of the reasons why I keep posting my findings regarding this particular topic. There is more to keep in mind, though, so I went to one of my favorite go-to places on the www. (GIVE ME A T… GIVE ME AN E… GIVE ME A D!!!!) and found a bit of inspiration. It has something to do with the concerted efforts of reddit users to name a certain humpback whale “Mister Splashy Pants”… well, sort of:

In this particular TED talk, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit explains his version of “how to make a splash in social media”.


The “Storysaurus”

I found this a while ago on FB and can not seem to find the original FB-poster, or otherwise I’d at least tip my hat to them. Anyway, this is about a very easy idea/way to structure your story:

Enter… the Storysaurus!

According to blogger Jamie Harrington it is “a dinosaur with spikes on his back. Each spike represented a chapter, and his whole body represented the story’s main plot” and originates from her second grade teacher Ms. George (so, kudos where they’re due!). Jamie recreated it for online-posterity. Thanks for that! It is easy to understand, you don’t even have to know your Aristotle for that one (not that it hurts)!


A Pro-Blogger and “9 Unsexy Truths about Making Money Online”

I am still half asleep, and it is already past noon. Ummm… no, that does not mean I live the life of the rich and famous and have been partying till dawn… it just means that todays’s a national holiday here in Germany, and I’ve spent the better part of last night (or more likely the worse) having some serious negotiations with my computer hardware about improved performance and the likes.

Anyway, I am currently sitting in my bed, bleary-eyed and bed-head(ed) and coffee-nursing, was just scrolling through my FB news feed and this is what I found… and it sounds very much a propos to me, so here you go:

Darren Rowse’s  “9 Unsexy Truths about Making Money Online”