(Writing) Contests and Participating Fees

Hmmm… so an organisation/company/private person establishes a writing contest. And offers prize money. YAY!

BUT… in order to participate, you need to pay a participation fee. This seems to have developed into a rather common practice nowadays.


…is this a legitimate way to finance the contest?
…or is this just another way of getting money out of aspiring authors?

“What say you?”


The BBC Writers Room…

…looks like something I need to check out…


…that is, after I manage to get a grip on my imnotanativeenglishspeakerinhibitions.

For all you less inhibited or otherwise interested… well, see above! 🙂


P.S.: Have any of you ever tried to branch out regarding writing in other than your native language(s)? If so, please, do tell! 🙂

Steven Moffat talks about Sherlock and John: “A lifelong Partnership”…

… which is (I assume not only in my books) good news regarding the possible longevity of the “Sherlock” (BBC) Series.

“These are still the formative years of Sherlock Holmes, [the] important thing about the series is (…) that those two men are still young and are still at the beginning of  what they don’t yet know is gonna be a lifelong partnership.” (Steven Moffat, starting about 18:18 in the video)

I do consider it good news, especially regarding the famous three teaser words “Rat”, “Wedding” and “Bow”, that have been given to us by the makers of “Sherlock” as an outlook onto the yet to come third season. Especially the third word “bow” seems to be hinting at “The Last Bow” of Sherlock Holmes in the Canon and thus a conclusion of the BBC series. And WHO WANTS THAT????

So, when the creators of this particular “Sherlock” consider Sherlock and John “still at the beginning” during Season Two… then I don’t assume they are planning to be done with them any time soon… What say you?