“Do as I say, don’t do as I -“… uhm … well …

I have been breaking quite a few rules recently … at least according to those rules that I like to convey to clients:

  • update your blog REGULARLY
  • update your Social Media REGULARLY
  • provide useful/interesting content
  • participate in networking events on- and offline

… to just name a few.

I’ve been recently involved in a major project and have hardly been posting anything. And all of a sudden, my most recent “real” post has been weeks ago, and the longer one waits, the more difficult it seems to find the right time and the right content to get back on track …

So … this is me, getting back on track!

My blog and I have also decided to go into “blog therapy” together. Okay, it’s more like I have made the decision and the blog will get the treatment. But more on that (hopefully not too much) later!