How to get paid when you do Business internationally

Have you ever tried to send money from a German bank account to an American one? Let me tell you: It can be a pain in the a…  no… neck, no… wallet! As someone who has been hopping between two continents for several years, I have had that experience several times. I also experienced that Paypal is a huge help (and much quicker and less expensive).

Anyway, I am used to doing a lot of banking (in Germany), not only for myself, but occasionally also on behalf of third parties.

And then I actually moved from Germany to Florida (I am currently in the relocating process) and opened my US bank account, and… yeah, things DO work differently here, indeed.

I now do business internationally, and more than ever – and who knows… you might be in the same boat.

So, when I recently stumbled across this article at “Be a Freelance Blogger“…

How to Get Paid When You Blog Internationally: Cash, Cheques, Transfers and Confused Bank Tellers

…I figured it might be of interest to you.