A very happy Thanksgiving… (Fröhliches Thanksgiving!)


…to all my American friends and readers

(…resp. to those who live in the USA – and actually celebrate it – regardless their nationality)!

In Germany, people often wonder about this so very American holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. What does it mean? What are the origins? For their benefit, I include the German Wikipedia page regarding this topic and hope it provides some form of explaination.


Heute wünsche ich all meinen amerikanischen Freunden und Lesern (m/w) ein fröhliches “Thanksgiving”. Hier in Deutschland ist man sich oft nicht so ganz im Klaren darüber, was es mit diesem doch sehr amerikanischen Fest eigentlich auf sich hat, das jeweils am vierten Donnerstag im November gefeiert wird. Daher füge ich hier einfach mal den Link zur deutschen Wikipedia-Seite zu diesem Thema bei. Hier finden sich ein paar Informationen zur Natur und zur (möglichen) Herkunft von “Thanksgiving”.




Come rest against my shoulder,
The sun is setting soon.
So I can count the stars for you
And we can watch the moon.

I know that you are weary.
Not easy is the road.
So rest against my shoulder,
Lay down your heavy load.

No, I can’t take your burden
And carry it away.
But I can lend a hand, dear,
To hold you when you sway.

The times are ever changing,
The tides they come and go.
You’re longing for security
And this, my dear, I know.

You have so many questions,
You search for what is true.
And if I had the answers,
I’d give them all to you.

Yet, all I have to offer
is me, myself and I.
So let this be your haven,
If only for tonight.

Soon there will come the morning.
Your hope it will be new.
Come rest against my shoulder,
And I might sleep then, too.


(Writing) Contests and Participating Fees

Hmmm… so an organisation/company/private person establishes a writing contest. And offers prize money. YAY!

BUT… in order to participate, you need to pay a participation fee. This seems to have developed into a rather common practice nowadays.


…is this a legitimate way to finance the contest?
…or is this just another way of getting money out of aspiring authors?

“What say you?”




lighting up whenever you speak



that will not come



only for you



softly saying your name



that never lasts



always preferred



insufficiently disguised


you see


do you dare


to observe?




On a beautiful day they would walk in the park

Where the music was playing until after dark.

And the people would come there to laugh and to dance

And the violins would play there for fun and romance.

A couple is walking and crossing the lawn

And he’s taking her hand for a dance in the dawn.

There is nobody else and no orchestra there

But he’s humming a tune, and it’s filling the air.

Now the days have gone by, and the times, they have changed.

There are lovely people, but to me, they are strange.

They are happy and lively, enjoying the sun.

And the bandstand’s still there, there is laughter and fun…

~ ~ ~





Man hat Dir gesagt, dass
alle Wunden

Also setzt Du Dich hin
vor die große Wanduhr
und zählst
zu Tagen.

Und die Zeit
und Du
sitzt und wartest,
das Zifferblatt
und wunderst Dich,
dass nichts mit Dir


The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy

I have a confession to make: I can sometimes be verrrrrrrrrrrry slow about my writing.

Often… I mean, I find myself in total awe when reading about the supposedly typical working day of other writers, who can write for hours and hours and somehow manage to produce content that is thousands of words worth – a day!!

It is not that I have no passion for writing! Au contraire!

The thing is – I get distracted easily (or is it “easily distracted”? Ooooh, the joys of writing in a foreign language… btw. is my passport up to date?… I could use a little snack… oh, look at the cute puppy pictures… *ahem*). I just have… so many ideas in my head, so much to do and so little time to pursue them all and to take care of stuff. I often get interrupted by the demands of a regular day. Aaaaaaaaaand… the Internet can be such a great distraction, as well!

Not to mention the bane of many a writer’s existence, the monster lurking under my bed, the pain in my neck and the phantom of my nightmares… the… (*cue dramatic Psycho-like music*): WRRRRRRRITER’S BLOCK!!

So, yeah, I often get stuck with my writing.

One of my methods to “trick” myself: I try to get myself to write one sentence. One. Seriously. I mean, I should be able to somehow manage that, right? If/when I am lucky, it creates some kind of creative domino effect in my mind, and one single sentence turns into several. As indeed has just happened with this text here: I had just been intending to jot down “The One-Sentence-a-Day-Strategy” (basically as a little mental knot-in-the-hanky-thingy to be pursued at a later time), and suddenly I just kept writing.

Well, it does not ALWAYS work like this. Sometimes a sentence just remains a sentence – for the time being. But, hey – one sentence is better than nothing and can eventually grow and evolve and become (*cue drum roll*) a whole. finished. text.

(And now… back to those puppy pics…)

Speaking of London…

Speaking of London…

“Sherlock” (BBC) lovers surely remember the London A-Z Guide  that plays such an important role


tiny SPOILER alert here




in “The Blind Banker”.


(The shown editions from the link above might vary from the book version used on the show.)

Well, it turns out, they meanwhile also have a version of it for Kindle:

London A-Z









…which has just gone straight to my wishlist. I love e-books, because I prefer to travel light. I have not read it yet, therefore I cannot say much else about it (so far)…

…though I do intend to include book reviews here in the nearer future.

Anyway, above you can find the Amazon link – and yes, this time it IS an affiliate link. So, if you decide to buy the book via this link, it won’t cost you more… but it (*coughs*) might help to keep this blog afloat…

The “Storysaurus”

I found this a while ago on FB and can not seem to find the original FB-poster, or otherwise I’d at least tip my hat to them. Anyway, this is about a very easy idea/way to structure your story:

Enter… the Storysaurus!

According to blogger Jamie Harrington it is “a dinosaur with spikes on his back. Each spike represented a chapter, and his whole body represented the story’s main plot” and originates from her second grade teacher Ms. George (so, kudos where they’re due!). Jamie recreated it for online-posterity. Thanks for that! It is easy to understand, you don’t even have to know your Aristotle for that one (not that it hurts)!


Happy Birthday, Jeremy Brett!

One of the greatest “Sherlock Holmes”-actors (and certainly my favorite “classic” Holmes) – and such a wonderful human being. Today would have been his 81st birthday.

So, here are two Jeremy tribute vids I compiled back in the olden days.

Once again: Happy Birthday, Jeremy! And since, incidently, it would have been his late wife’s birthday as well: Happy Birthday, Joan!