Linguistically Empowered!

Okay, granted: This post does contain affiliate links, but the subject as such is something I would have written about anyway because it is SO VERY relevant to me: English grammar, spelling, and all that jazz.

Grammar? Spelling? So what’s the problem?

I am a professional writer [duh!], so language is my working tool. The thing is, I was raised in German, so writing in English (correctly, that is) still means a bit more work for my “little grey cells.” And often enough some additional research.

So, for the sake of

  • productivity
  • a less inhibited “Muse”
  • and therefore a better communication, output, professionalism, self-esteem, public image, fame, fortune…

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This Week, I’ve been Sweating (… the Small Stuff!)

It is another hot (surprise!!) summer day here in Florida – but this particular blog post is less about perspiration and more about organizing.

Self-organization, to be exact.

Self-Organization: “Priorities” and “The Big Picture” vs. “Sweating the Small Stuff” (?)

When it comes to organizing (be it yourself or something/someone else), setting priorities and recognizing the proverbial “Big Picture” are both essential skills. When you have a small window of time (as in a deadline) for an important task, prioritizing that particular task is probably a no-brainer.

I mean, you cannot clone yourself, and multi-tasking does have its limits, right?

So you focus on the task at hand and ditch/defer/postpone some other to-dos that you consider to be less urgent and/or important. I get that – I do it in some form or other every day. Continue reading

Der 5-Minuten-Schreib-Tipp

Hast du mal eben fünf Minuten Zeit? Wunderbar! Dann habe ich nämlich einen Schreib-Tipp für dich!

Fünf Minuten – mehr Zeit brauchst du für diese Schreib-Übung nicht

  • Fünf Minuten, um das Schreiben anzuregen bzw. zu trainieren
  • Eine Schreib-Übung, um neue Ideen zu entwickeln
  • Um schnell ein paar Gedanken aufzuschreiben, aus denen sich vielleicht irgendwann eine komplette Handlung entwickeln könnte
  • Oder sogar als Therapie gegen den ewig dräuenden … (*flüster*) … Writer’s Block


Die meisten unter uns “Schreibenden”, die einerseits ihren “regulären” Job, der die Miete bezahlt, mit ihrem Familien-/Privatleben UND ihrem Autoren-Dasein jonglieren, kennen das Problem: Wie finde ich die Zeit, um zu schreiben? Und selbst wenn wir dann die Zeit finden, kann es dazu kommen, Continue reading

TED-Ed: 11 Online Lessons To Check Out…

…if you want to dip your toes into the subjects of online learning and continuing education.

online learning

After all, one of the qualities of a good writer is to keep reading and learning… and apart form that, “getting informed and inspired” sounds much better than “procrastinating”… so here’s one possible place to go… 😉

Online Learning for Writers and other Freelancers

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Make Sure That Google & Co. Can Find Your Website

Search Engine Optimization for Writers. Is that important for, let’s say, a novelist … a poet … or an author of cook books?

Well, YES!

Search Engine Optimization for your Website

I mean, you are a (professional or aspiring) writer, right? Then you probably have a blog, homepage or some sort social media profile. (If you don’t, I strongly suggest you’ll get yourself at least ONE of these.) And of course, you want your online presence to be found – otherwise, what’s the point, right? That is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in: seo-2192823_640You want to create or optimize your website/online content in such a way, that it gets a good ranking with Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.

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The 5 Minutes Writing Exercise

Can you spare five minutes?

Great! Five minutes a day, that is what this exercise requires. Five minutes to help you with your writing. To help developing new ideas. To jot down a fleeting thought that someday might grow to become a plot. To help overcoming the menacing … (*whispers*) Writer’s Block.

Productivity for Writers

Most of us writers juggling our “regular” job that pays the rent, our family life AND our writing know the problem of finding the time to do some decent (amount of) writing. And even if we find the time … Continue reading